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Natural Deterrents for Rats

Many people complain about rats in their yards. Rats visit or make their home in your yards due to the availability of food and shelter. Using lethal ways to get rid of rats can be a dangerous way as it can kill birds and can make your pets ill. Therefore most of the people prefer to use natural ways to deter rats. Here are a few common used way

Cow dung
Cow dung works as a natural cow repellent. Rats become ill after eating cow dung and start vomiting and will die after a few hours. You can place a cow dung near your yard or near the places where you have seen rats.

Using Mothballs
Mothballs are very effective against rats. Simply put, some mothballs near the areas where you have seen rats. Mothballs are poisonous, be careful while using mothballs.

Bay leaves
Rats like the smell of bay leaves, but bay leaves are toxic for rats. Once they eat bay leaves, they will die. You can spread bay leaves near your yard, and these leaves will keep rats away from your home.

Mix ammonia and detergent in the water, place this bowl near locations where rats are found. Ammonia is a cleaning agent. But it works as an excellent repelling agent for rats.

Using owl feather
If you place owl feathers in your garden, rats will get scared of predators, and they will not stay at your place. This method can be very effective and do not have any side effects.

Let Your Dogs or Cats Spend More Time in Your Yard
You can let your dog and spend time in the yard. Dog and cat can take care of rats in an effective way. Although cats cannot fully eradicate the rats, cats can help to keep the population of rats low, cats and dogs are excellent hunters, but rats are smart, they hide.

Using Sounds 
Rat's hats high-frequency sounds, and sometimes it may kill them. You can use motion sensor ultrasonic sound products to scare rats.

Keep Your Yard Free of Pet Waste
Rats eat poops of your pets as it contains nutrients, and it helps rats to survive. Regularly clean your yard and keep it free from pet wastes.

Plant Lavender and Mint
Rats use their sense of smell to search for food. If you plant lavender and mint fragrance of these plants will make weak their sense of smell. You can grow these plants around the parameters of your yard. 

Rat traps
You can set rat traps to catch rats. Place any food or cheese in a trap that will attract rats. After rat gets trapped in it, you can release it in another place, which is far from your home.

There are a few vegetables that can help you to keep rats away. Onions have a pungent smell, and rats hate it. They will run away from this smell. Peppers are another vegetable which can prove useful as it contains Capsaicin, which is the compound that gives peppers their heat. This heat is also a natural rat deterrent.

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