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Our wildlife services are one of the leading animal control and animal services in the state! Our humane method of dealing with urban wildlife conflicts and our proven methods make us one of the best choices in dealing with wildlife nuisance for your home, commercial areas, and industrial factories. We specialize with humane animal control of raccoons, rats, possums, bats, and others. Our business philosophy is built around wildlife proofing homes and businesses to keep wild animals from getting in and causing damage. Our wildlife specialists are fully licensed and well rounded in their field. They've attended the latest industry seminars and extensive training to be updated to the latest methods in handling all kinds of wildlife and utilizes all the state of the art wildlife control equipment. Our goal is to serve the community by providing quality wildlife service and to exceed the expectation of our customers. Other than wildlife removal, we also provide services such as attic clean-outs, odor control, insulation removal and replacement, waste removal, roof repair, and insurance quotes. As one of the leading animal services in the state, we are committed to bringing you quality and reliable help one service at a time. Our services are just one call away! If you have wildlife concerns that are too hard to deal with, contact us and we will be there to get it done for you.