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Natural Deterrents for Skunks

Skunks can be a problem for your yard as they dig holes in search of insects, forages in gardens. They are a danger for chicken owners, and skunks can eat chicken eggs and baby chickens. They may dig under the house and can damage your house and wiring. You may identify skunks by looking holes in your yard, skunk feces, or by the smell of skunk spray. I am sharing a few ideas to get rid of skunks naturally.

Skunk Repellents and Deterrents
There are few options available to deter the skunks from your property; all these ways are safe for your yard, your pets, and will not harm skunks. You can use citrus fruit peels or lemon peels, spread it around your garden, and near the holes of skunk. Skunks hate the citrus. They will surely leave your garden. You can spray a mixture of hot peppers, onions, jalapeño, and water. Boil all these and spray it around your garden and at nearby places.

Predator's urine
Your pet's urine (cat, dog) can work, but if you don't have a pet, you can buy from stores and spray it around the garden and other nearby places. The smell of urine will scare them.

Deterrent Lights
Deterrent lights are helpful in protecting livestock from predators, but they will also work against skunks. Skunks will take these lights as predator's eyes, and they will run away from there.

Motion-activated sprinkles
These sprinkles will get active while a skunk gets closer to these sprinkles. You should place sprinkles strategically near the areas where you suspect skunks might want to shelter.

Use a Trap
You can spring-loaded traps near the doors. Put some strong-smelling foods, cat food, or peanut butter. Now you can release the skunk in an open place away from your home. Traps for skunks should be different from other animal traps. Baits like marshmallows or tuna cans can be used to lure them.

Remove sources of shelter and food 
Skunks can eat anything they find. If there are trees of berry, nuts, or any other fruit trees, regularly clean up your garden. Harvest ripe fruits and vegetables as fast as you can to prevent it from skunks.

Close of hiding places
Skunks can make their home under decks and porches. Close of all appealing places with rocks, fences, and plywood. Piles and building material can also serve as shelter for skunks, store building material in the bin, or in the shed. Large bushes can be a good shelter for skunks. You should regularly trim the branches of bushes to get rid of skunks.

Call pest control
If you are tired of skunks and no method is working, it's time to call animal control; they are expert in skunk handling. They are trained to trap skunks, and they can do it in a better way, so just call them and relax. Calling pest control professionals can be costly but It is a guaranteed way that works.

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